How to Retrieve your Airtel Line from Airtel Selfcare Portal

Airtel SIM Swap In one of our recent posts, we discussed a new customer service introduced by airtel; the Airtel Selfcare Portal. It is an online portal where subscribers can directly contact airtel agents to resolve network problems and others.

Although, you, as an airtel subscriber that has registered on the selfcare portal has access to lots of airtel services but the one we are to discuss here is your ability to retrieve your stolen/lost/damaged airtel line.

How to Retrieve Airtel Line on Airtel Selfcare Portal

1- Get a new airtel line or if you have any airtel line that hes never been insterted into any phone. It is not neccessary that you register the new line before you proceed.

2- First, if you have not registered on the Airtel Selfcare Portal click here and registere on the portal. Please note that only the line you registere on the portal could be retrieved using the selfcare portal.

3- If you have registered on the portal, simply sign in, locate and click on the SIM swap icon on the portal. Fill the form that appears on the next page and click submit.

Please note that your three (3) frequently called numbers (Airtel or other network's numbers), your last recharge denomination thus; N50, N100 or above and also, for how long back you have recharged the line -all these are important info about the SIM you lost that you must fill in the appropriate boxes correctly if you want the SIMSwap done without any delays.

Once you have submitted the form successfully, the original SIM would be blocked and within 24 hours, you can insert the new Airtel SIM whose serial number was given during the retrieval process.

***the SIM Serial in RED INK.

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