Aim of the Book -Introduction to 3toGo Web Book

This book, Introduction to 3toGo Web Book is an online publication of the original eBook; Introduction to 3toGo compiled and edited by S A Yinka.

This online publication would hence forth, treats and explains further what the softcopy of the eBook teaches and explains and its updates would be made available from time to time thus; whenever there is need for the updates.

The aim of the foregoing statement is to help our online readers, customers and fans that have joined the 3toGo Networking programme make the best out of the programme especially; those that do not have PCs and need to be informed of latest info and tips others are using to make real money participating in the programme.

In addition to helping members of the 3toGo programme learn the latest info and tips about the programme, this is also an opportunity for you as a member, to sharing basic experiences of the programme while promoting your down lines. For example, you can introduce a friend of yours to the 3toGo programme and if need be, give the link to one of the pages of this Web Book; Introduction to 3toGo for that friend of yours to visit for his personal perusal.

Making the Best Use of this Info

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