How to Recover your Modem's IMEI Number

It is no longer news that you need your modem's IMEI number if you need to unlock your 3G modem so that you may be able to use any SIM from any 3G network service provider with that particular modem. This post explains how you may get the modem's IMEI number even though you have lost the modem's IMEI number long ago.

Just in case you have lost your modem's IMEI number and you cannot find any referrence with regards to it, below you will learn how to get the modem's IMEI number back in as much as you still have the modem with you.

1- Plug/ attach the modem to a desktop/laptop computer and wait till the modem's client installs on the computer. Or, if the modem's client is already installed on the computer, wait untill it detects that the modem has being attached to the computer.

2- Locate and click on the "TOOL" option in the top navigation bar of the modem client.

3- Click on the diagnostics option as in the image below points.

4- On the pop-out page as could be seen in the image below, you will find your modems IMEI number just above the highlighted green ink within the image below. Copy or write the modem's IMEI down and use it wherever it might be needed.

And that's all. We hope this info is useful for you!
You may click here to Unlock and Unblock your modems.

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