How to Solve Common Nokia Phone Installation Problems

For most people that are familiar with common Nokia phone installation problems, you should know that sometimes while trying to install certain application on your Nokia phone, most Nokia phones sedomely display some unfamiliar messages like "Certificate Expired", "Certificate not yet Valid", "Invalid Application", "Invalid Certificate" amongst others.

Now, if you have had a lot of tough time trying to figure out how to solve such problems with the installation of any application on your phone, you might find this little bit tip useful if you put any of these tricks into practice.

Solving Common Nokia Phone Installation Problems

Now, you can try any of these tricks if your phone displays any of these error messages: "Certificate Expired", "Certificate not yet Valid", "Invalid Application ", "Invalid Certificate" amongst others while trying to install certain application on the phone.

1- Check the Phone Installation Settings: especially, in most Nokia S60 phones, the default settings for application installations is set to deny uncertified applications thereby setting them as un-trusted applications. To solve this kind of problem on Nokia phones, go to:

Menu >> Settings >> Phone Settings >> Applications >> App Manager >> Software Installation

Then, set the software installation type to "All".

2- Back Date the Phone: this is just a common English term to solve a common Nokia phone installation problem. All you need to do here is to reverse the date on the phone sequentially until you are able to get a correct valid date for the application.

Reason for this:
Supposing that you are trying to install an application that was built in the year 2008 and has a certificate valid for 2 years thus; 2008 to 2010.
If you are trying to install that application this year, 2012, you would need to back-date that phone to the year that application was certificated in other to make it install on that phone.

3- Change your Installation Disk: Try to install that application in a different disk. For example, if you are installing on the phone memory, change it to memory card and restart your phone.

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