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MTN BIS Unlimited Plan Activation Codes And Details

MTN BIS Unlimited, as the name implies, is one of the data plans MTN has for Blackberry users. It is a BIS plan that gives you unlimited browsing and downloads for the period for which you have subscribed. Within this page is how to subscribe to the MTN BIS Unlimited Plan, it features and activation codes.

MTN BIS Unlimited

How to Subscribe to the MTN BIS Unlimited Plan

To subscribe to the MTN BIS Unlimited plan, follow the instructions below for the monthly and weekly subscription plans respectively.
Monthly MTN BIS Unlimited Plan
To subscribe to the MTN BIS Unlimited monthly plan, text BIS in a text message to 21600.

Weekly MTN BIS Unlimited Plan
To subscribe to the weekly MTN BIS Unlimited plan, text BIS in a text message to 21600.

In either case, make sure you have up to N3000 (For Monthly subscription) or N1000 (For Weekly subscription) before you send the message.

Features of MTN BB BIS Unlimited Plan

MTN BB BIS Unlimited plan feature include the followings:
10 email accounts
1 Blackberry email account
Unlimited Internet Access
Social Networking
BlackBerry App world
Blackberry Protect.

To Check the Expiry Date of your MTN BIS simply Text "STATUS" to "21600"

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