Solutions to Message Failure Reports on Phones

Just in case you have experienced or still experiencing this "Message Not Sent" or "Message Failure" issues on your phone, one of these is probably the cause of it and perhaps; you might find a solution here, too.

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Causes of "Message Not Sent or Failure" Alert on Phones

Either of the followings might be the cause of the message failure responses you recieve on your phone:

1- Poor Service Transmission: it is possible that at a particular point in time, the service of that particular network that transmits messages was not good then hence, your sent messages hang and eventually fail.
"Solution: switch off your phone for about three (3) minutes and on it back then; resend the message."
2- Wrong Message Centre: one of those things that may result to message failure is the message centre in use. For instance: let say you previousely use an MTN line with your phone and for one reason or another, you had to replace the MTN with a Glo line. In cases like this, if you send a message with the Glo line on the phone using the MTN message centre; the message would fail.
"Solution: just change the message centre in use to the message centre of the SIM in use i.e change the message centre to Glo Meesage Centre in the case of the example above."
3- Incorrect Message Centre Number: this is also one of those things that causes message failure. Since your phone message centre number is like your P O BOX number from which you send and receive messages, it has to be correct.
"Solution: just navigate to the message settings to be sure that SMS Centre Number is set to the correct one."

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