Use Opera Link to Unite All your Opera Browsers -Mobile And PC

Of course, no big introduction is needed before you know what opera browser is becouse the name, "OPERA" speaks for itself -opera is a well-known browser especially; when it comes to mobile browsing. But there is one particular feature of Opera you probably don't know and that is OPERA LINK.

Opera Link is an intriguing feature of opera browsers. Opera Link is a feature that enables you syncronize all your bookmarks, speed dials and search engines between your opera browsers regardless of whether you use opera on mobile phone or PC.

Just suppose you have a mobile phone you browse more often with and you have had a lot of bookmarks, speed dials and links on it. Then one day, you have to browse on another phone or PC and you need some links which are on your previous phone you browse with.

This is simple if you have enabled opera link on the phone. All you have to do is to enable opera link on this new device and it will syncronize all your bookmarks, spead dials and links automatically -you'll just see all your old opera links in the bookmark of the new opera browser. That simple!

How to Enable Opera Link

1- To enable opera link on your opera browser Lunch the Opera Browser on your phone and click menu within opera.

Opera Menu
***Note the blue ink
2- Stroll/navigate to settings within opera and click settings.

Opera Settings
***Note the blue ink
3- Then, stroll/navigate to Opera Link and switch the feature on.

Opera Link
***Note the blue ink
If you have not being using opera link before, you will be asked to enter your desired user name and password (for logging in on other opera browsers) and your email address -just in case you forget your password.

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