Airtel BIS Complete: Activation Codes And Details

In in one of our recent posts, we have discussed one of the Airtel Blackberry BISplans, the Airtel BlackBerry social, here, we are going to discuss the Airtel BlackBerry Complete.

Even from the name, one should know that the BlackBerry Complete plan would entertain more BlackBerry services than the BlackBerry Social plan.

Airtel BIS Complete

Subscribers that subscribe to the Airtel BlackBerry Complete plan under the Airtel BIS enjoy the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), BlackBerry Email and Instant Messaging, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger in full.

Also, BlackBerry complete subscribers enjoy full access to browse the internet at will, access the BlackBerry App World and all the BlackBerry in-built Social Networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and they are given access to create one Web-based Email Account. The email account could be Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail.

Airtel BlackBerry Complete Plan Activation Codes
Airtel BIS CompleteMonthly, 30 days1,400*440*1#"bcm" to 440
Airtel BIS CompleteWeekly, 7 Days400*440*2#"bcw" to 440
Airtel BIS CompleteDaily, 24 hours100*440*3#"bcd" to 440To check status dial; *440#

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