Airtel BIS Social Plan: Activation Codes And Details

Airtel BlackBerry BIS is just another reason you might want to choose Airtel as your preferred GSM service provider because of its simple yet inclusive BlackBerry BIS offers.

Just like other service providers, Airtel has BlackBerry Social as one of her BIS options. If you prefer to keep in touch just by socializing and connecting on Facebook and Twitter and browsing the internet, then this plan suits you better.

Airtel BIS Social

Along with other exiting features, if you subscribe to the BlackBerry Social plan under Airtel BIS, you also gain access to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), BlackBerry Email, BlackBerry App World and Instant Messaging.

Airtel BlackBerry Social Plan Activation Codes
Airtel BIS SocialMonthly, 30 days1,200*440*4#"bsm" to 440
Airtel BIS SocialWeekly, 7 Days400*440*5#"bsw" to 440
Airtel BIS SocialDaily, 24 hours100*440*6#"bsd" to 440To check status dial; *440#

Other Features of Airtel BIS, the BlackBerry Social

Besides the few apps and services we mention above that Airtel BIS offers, you still can access and enjoy the followings:

  • 1- Standard BlackBerry Email option
    2- BlackBerry Email address (
    3- BlackBerry In-built Social Networking apps e.g Facebook, MySpace & Twitter
    4- BlackBerry In-built Instant Messaging apps e.g BlackBerry Messenger
    5- BlackBerry AppWorld
    6- Partner IM app providers like; Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, etc.
    7- Access to BlackBerry Maps & 3rd party applications
    8- BIS Browser – Internet Browsing

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