Browse Free On Your PC Using Etisalat Lines

etisalat free browsingJust as you can use any MTN BB plan to browse on your PC free of charge as discussed in one of our earlier posts, you can also use etisalat BB plans to browse free of charge, too with the use of free-gate proxy software.
All you need to do is make some changes in your settings.

Required Items for this Free Browsing
1. An etisalat SIM (configured for browsing the internet)
2. A 3G USB modem
3. Freegate Software (Installed on your PC)
4. Your PC; either your laptop or desktop

If you have all the materials listed above then, you are few steps away from browsing the internet free of charge using your etisalat SIM.

Configuring your PC with Freegate And the etisalat SIM
1- Configure your USB modem for this settings by navigating to your USB modem User Interface.

Click on Tools » Options » Management » New

Then, create an etisalat access point on the PC and within your USB modem by using the info given below:

Profile Name: Aryk Ent.
Access Point (APN):
Username: flat, gprs, wap (or leave it blank)
Password: flat, gprs, wap (or leave it blank)

And within the Authentication settings, fill in the following parameters:

Access Number: *99#
Username: Leave the space blank
Password: Leave the space blank as well

Now, if you wish, you may proceed further to the advance settings option to configure the DNS settings.

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS: 2-

Now you will have to proceed to subscribe to any of the etisalat Blackberry Internet plans. To subscribe, insert your SIM into your BlackBerry phone and after like 5minutes, subscribe for a BlackBerry internet plan. Preferably, you should subscribe to the monthly plan, then remove your SIM and insert it in the modem.
Although, you will be given a download limit but, with the help of this cheat, you will browse and download unlimited files throughout the month.
Visit for details on any of the etisalat blackberry services or call etisalat customercare line on 200 for one on one conversation.

3- Download Freegate and install the latest version of freegate dynaweb software then; run it on your PC. And that's all! Download the User Guide Here. The user guide explains the complete how-to set up the Freegate client on your PC.

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