Download Screenshot Application for Phone Captures

Screenshot is a screen capture application that makes it possible for you to capture any page or screen of your mobile phone regardless of whatever you are doing or what you are in to at that particular period of time.

Screenshot is a very light yet suphisticated screen capture application for your symbian phone. Just like Corel Capture for your PC, screenshot application gives you varieties of choices to immediately capture the screen of your mobile phone.

Base on the settings you might define within the screenshot application, once you have installed and activated the application on the phone, you can press combination of keys or a single key to initiate a capture.

For instance:
You are within your mobile browser e.g. Opera browser and you need to capture a page within opera, you can just press the delete key on your Nokia phone and pronto! Your capture has just been taken. You can just goto the phone photo gallery to see the page you have captured within opera browser on your phone.
Examples of captured pages of a Nokia phone are displayed below:

Please note that the captured pages or screens can only be saved as .jpg or .png (image files).

Visit the link below to download the screenshot application and start capturing!

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