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How to Browse on your Laptop Using your Nokia Phone's Wifi

It is no longer news that most recent smart phones are built with WiFi. Now, this tutorial explains how you can use this WiFi utility to share and use your Nokia phone access point with your laptop and browse the internet -another way to use your Nokia phone as a modem for your laptop.

To start with, you need about four (4) materials to make that possible and they are:

1- You need to have properly working bluetooth device on both your laptop and phone. It could be in-built or detachable bluetooth, just make sure you have them.
2- You need to subscribe to a data bundle from any 3G network service provider. Otherwise, the cost of browsing the internet may be unbearable.
3- Both your Nokia phone and laptop must be Wireless (WLan) services powered and enabled.
4- Finally, you need to install JoikuSpot app on your Nokia phone.

JoikuSpot is an application that uses the 3G service of your Nokia phone and turn it to a WLan Access Point. You will find a link to download the app below this tutorial.

How to Connect your Laptop with your Phone's WiFi

If you have successfully installed the JoikuSpot application on your phone, here is how to set it up and connect the phone's access point with your laptop:

1- Put on both your phone's and laptop's bluetooth.
2- Navigate to the folder where the JoikuSpot application is intalled (Locate it icon) on your phone and lunch the application.
3- Once lunched, the application prompts you whether to share your phone's connection with others or not. Select "Yes" to share your access point.
4- If you have selected yes, the list of the available access points on your phone shows up, select the appropriate access point for the SIM that is on your phone as at that time. Then, wait till JoikuSpot completes preparing the access point for the connection.

Now, on your laptop,

1- Right-click the connection icon wherever it is located on your laptop and select "Connect to a Network".
2- The next page should show the list of the available connections and those you have connected to sometimes ago. Within the list, if you have not renamed your JoikuSpot access point, you will see your phone's access point as e.g "Nokia E6-JoikuSpot-Access-Point".
3- Select your phone's access point and wait till the connection is successful. Once your laptop shows the "Successfully connected to ... " message, you can begin surfing the internet at full fast speed.

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