How to Get Free Unlimited Browsing Plan From Airtel

Glo Free BrowsingSince surfing the internet with the use of modems is seen as being so expensive by lots of people these resent days, especially now that money is hard to get and easily spent.

This has made many people search for a way to reduce the cost while some don't even mind a free means to browsing the internet free of charge 24/7.

Although, this I'm about to relay to you is not a totally free means but then, it is as good as free!

With as little as N1400, you will get an unlimited free browsing plan from Airtel. This browsing plan can be used on any device, either your laptop, desktop, BlackBerry, Tabs, iPad or even any other smartphones.

Don't be scared at all. I have being using the same cheat for the past two (2) months now both on my laptop and phones.

All you need to do is follow this procedures and you are sure to be granted an UNLIMITED Access to the internet!

To start with;

1- First, insert your Airtel SIM on any phone.
2- Make sure you have up to or load up to N1400 on the SIM.
3- Then, opt in to subscribe for the Airtel BIS Complete plan by sending "BCM" to "440" or better still, dail; " *440*1# " and send.
4- Immediately after you have sent the message and you have received the delivery response ( from *440*1# ) or report (from Message), don't waite for the reply, just switch off your phone.
5- Wait for about 2 minutes then, switch on the phone. Check your account balance, if the N1400 is gone, GOOD otherwise try again following from the step three (3) to this stage; step (5).
6- Now, if the N1400 has been deducted from your account, you can insert the Airtel SIM in any browser enabled device and start exploring the internet at a full fast speed! All you need to do is to configure the device! Be it iPad, Galaxy Tab, Your Nokia Smart phone, laptop or desktop; just configure it!

For manual configuration using your MTN, GLO, or Airtel line, click the respective link as included within

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