How to Solve Contact Sync Problems on Nokia Phones

In case you have synchronized your Nokia phone data with another Nokia phone and presently having doubt maybe you have lost some of your previous phone contacts during the sync process, this info might help you find, discover or recover those contacts you think you have lost.
The foregoing issue usually happen if you have previously synchronized the contact of a Nokia phone (Older Version) with an earlier version of Nokia phone.
For example;
Let say you synchronized the contacts on a Nokia phone say; Nokia E5 (which is later) with another Nokia phone say; 3120 (which is older). During the process, all the numbers that are tagged as or saved under "Telephone" or "Mobile" on the Nokia E5 would be set as the default contact on the Nokia 3120.
Therefore, base on the example above and the above reasons, whenever another contact sync is initiated on the Nokia 3120, all the numbers that are set as default on the Nokia 3120 would play front and thereby, whenever you try to make calls or check through your contact; only those numbers that are set as default would be displayed or used.

How to Correct the Issue

Unless checked, you may continue to believe that other contacts have been deleted or lost to the synchronization process.
Now, to correct the issue, you need to manually set each of the contacts to no defaults by viewing each contact and setting no defaults;

Menu >> Contact >> View Details >> Default >> No Defaults
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