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Nokia Asha 308 Review: Camera, Size And General Details

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To comply with its beautiful design, Nokia makes the Asha 308 quite slim and that it makes it feel great in your hand. In a nut shell, the build of the phone is so simple yet modern!


Nokia Asha 308 could be said to be an all in one phone that includes multimedia, large memory capacity, good sound and reception.
The phone, Nokia Asha 308 is sleekly designed to comprehend with its complexity.

To comply with its beautiful design, Nokia makes the Asha 308 quite slim and that it makes it feel great in your hand. In a nut shell, the build of the phone is so simple yet modern!


Nokia graces the Asha 308 with a 3.0 inches, 240x400 pixels wide screen, the reason for its pretty look yet reasonable size for a fine view.

Sound and Signal Quality

The Nokia Asha 308 has a fairly good signal quality and a nice reception that makes you find no difficulty in hearing while making or receiving calls on the phone thereby there would be no glitches if your network is up to the mark.

More so, having gotten the good audible and loud sound system/speakers; listening to music on the phone would be fun!


Well, if you are the type of people that believes camera and other multimedia facilities on smart phones are extras, I would suggest you believe this Nokia Asha 308 camera quality as a "MEGA EXTRAS!".

Nokia Asha 308 is blessed with a digital camera that you can use for video recording or taking some sharp high resolution images. Pictures can be zoom to an extent with zoom feature and it won’t loose its quality.
Giving you the publicity opportunity, you can share those images with pride among your friends and everybody that sees it will love it.


The Nokia Asha 308 comes with an internal memory of up to 20 MB and can take and run smoothly, an external memory of up to 32 G- all of these to giving you the opportunity to do and save a lot more on your phone!

>> Asha 308 Apps >> Asha 308 Games >> Asha 308 Themes
Nokia Asha 308 Specifications
Network:SIM:Dimensions:Size And Resolution:
2GDual SIM109.9x54x13.23.0inc,240x400pix.
Alert Type:Audio Player:Internal Memory:External Memory:
Polyphonic, WAV,
mp3 Ring tones
AAC formats
Up to 20MBUp to 32G
RAM:Battery Type:
128MB ROM,64MB RAMLi-Ion 1110 mAh (BL-4U),Standard Battery
Battery Life Cycle:Stand-by:
Talk Time:
Up to 6hrs
Up to 40hrs
Up to 510hrs
Other SpecificationsWLAN

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