You Should Know: Dangers of Using Mobile Phones

MTN Mi Fi ConnecctionsAlthough, certain things are so advantageous to us that we are blinded from realising their disadvantages. One of such things is mobile phones.

It is no longer news that the use of mobile phones have made life a lot easier and fun for those that use it however; it should be noted that there are some devastating adverse effect of these mobile phones unknown to many especially; in health wise view.

To all devices alike, there is one common means through which they work or rely; the microwave. Microwave which is also called 'Radio Wave' is a form of electromagnective wave.
In hindsight, you will realize that the mobile phone you’re carrying emits microwave radiation which is dangerous to your health.

Base on this fact, you should know that the cell phone you’re holding is a two-way microwave-radiating device. Of course, such device should not be placed next to your brain or next to your reproductive organs but, unfortunately, these are the areas to place mobile phones to carrying out most of its primary usages i.e while making call (Except when using headsets or headphones) your mobile phone should be around your ear, close to your brain or, while sitting down; your mobile phone is most likely close to your reproductive organs.

If we come to think of it deeply, we will realize that the effects of these devices could sooner become noticeable in children that uses these devices more often and mostly; wrongly. The reasons not far fetch. Children have the tendency to absorb more radiation than adults because of the nature of their brain structure.

Their skulls are thinner and more soft, given room for easier and deeper penetration of these waves.

Resulting Effects of Cell Phone On Our Health

1. Cell Phone's Radiation Weakens the Cell Membranes.

2. The penetration of the Cell phone's radiation causes low sperm count.

3. The radiation also interrupts the proper functioning of the brain.

4. And of cause, cancer could result from the more exposure to microwave radiation the cell phone emits.

How to Curb the Resulting Effects

Since it is a known issue, even by yourself, you should be able to think of different ways to protect and prevent yourself and your family from these detrimental effects that may result from the use of these cell phones.

Well, just below are few practices you can adopt to prevent the adverse effects of the use of cell phones on your health.

1. To reduce the exposure of the microwave to your brain, it is advisable to make use of wired headphones or better still, you can put your phone on speaker each time you make or recieve calls.

2. when the signal is weak, the phone works harder and thus the radiation it emits. So, it is better not to use the phone when the service is week.

3. Pregnant women are usually in critical conditions and as result of this, being exposed to harmful things like radio waves could be risky.

4. As earlier discussed, children can absorb twice as much radiation as any adult because of their nature. With this regard, be cautious and careful at giving your cell phones to your kids.

5. Putting your phone off at night whenever you want to sleep is a good habit worth cultivating.

6. There is only a very tin line between life and death. Do not texts or ping while partaking in any of these activities: driving, biking, walking, skiing or any other activity that makes your head or body unstable.

7. Reasonably keep your cell phone as far away from your body and never you keep your cell phone in your front pocket.

8. Recent studies show that the radiation being emitted as a result of the use of any mobile phone can alter the brain after approximately 50 minutes of holding the cell phone on or next to the ear, for this reason, abstain from engaging in long phone calls.

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