Aryk Weekly Quiz: The Motive Behind it And How-to

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For some reasons, Aryk Enterprise throws out a quiz to our customers and fans and some of the reasons are to engage our customers and fans in a quiz -a form of question and answer section where our fans can contribute and have something to win in the end.

Another motive behind this quize contribution is to provide an avenue for interraction between Aryk Enterprise and fans! There is no winner or looser as this is NOT a game. If we all participate, we will all WIN.

How it is Being Done?

This quiz contribution is being done weekly and every week we have three (3) winners. These three winners will bag home some useful kits, materials and to crown it all, the first winner from this set of three every week wins cash prize and a golden chance!
The prizes to be won are announced weekly by publicly displaying them on top of the question for the week.

How Do We Reward Winners?

At the closing of the quiz (question) for the week, the winners would be displayed right behind the question and also, the winners would be announced on the Aryk Enterprise home page.
We would contact the winners by email to redeem their prizes.

How Do We Pay Out Cash?

We pay out cash using VoguePay. VoguePay is an indegineous ePayment processor for Nigerians.
With VoguePay, you can send and receive money to and fro your bank accounts, you can send money out to someone and more. Visit VoguePay to learn more or sign up there.

How Do We Choose Winners?

We select winners by raffle system.
By this means, your chance of winning is determined by the number of enteries you have. One (1) entery per day (From Monday to Saturday) is advised to boost your chance of winning.

When Are Winners Selected?

The QUIZE closes every Saturday by 8pm and therefore, winners are selected and announced every Sunday.

We hope we have a brilliant experience together as we participate!
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