Aryk Weekly Quiz Question: On MTN GPRS

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Hello fans, customers, followers and readers! Here is yet another edition of the Aryk Weekly Quiz Question.
As fantastic and engaging as last week Quiz Question was, it is a pity that most that responded posted spam messages; most of which were deleted. We hope this week won't be the same!

Participate and WIN in this week's Aryk Weekly Quiz!
This Week's Quiz Question is:

How Can you Get MTN GPRS Configuration Settings, either Manually or OTA Request by SMS?

How to Participate

To participate in this week's Quiz Contribution, just put your answer in the comment box below and publish it.
How Can you Get Etisalat GPRS Settings by SMS?
Answer: By Sending "SETTINGS" in an SMS to "790"
Just write the Answer as thus: To get etisalat GPRS Settings by SMS, send "SETTINGS" in an SMS to "790".

That's all!

Prizes for this Week

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As always, three participants would emerge as the prize winners.

  • The first winner wins N 500 cash. The money would be credited to his or her VoguePay account (Learn more about VoguePay or sign up here) and a link or an ad space on Aryk Enterprise blog home page for Six (6) days.
  • The second winner wins a link or an ad space on Aryk Enterprise blog home page for six (6) days.
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