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Be Alert! Phishing Fraud Warning for MTN Users

It was in the morning, around 9 a.m when one of our customers came into Aryk Enterprise store to ask for MTN N 1500 recharge cards. "I want only N 1500 recharge cards not multiples of card..." -he emphasized.

Going by the way he was reacting, I knew for sure that something was up in the air. Indeed, there was something. I approached him politely to be certain of what he was happy or curious about.
Bravo! He was to be a millionaire!
Earlier that morning, he had received a message from a number claiming to have originated from MTN Nigeria. The content of the message was;
"Your number have being chosen, only one more step to win! Recharge N 1500 to WIN N1,00000 . Visit..."
He was given a web link to visit. It was on this web link that they make available a space for him to enter the recharge PIN before he could win the N1,000000 .
"Once I enter the recharge PIN here, the amount would be credited to my account and I would be entitled to win the money..." -that was his thought
The moment we visited the web link, I cautioned him not to enter the recharge PIN there. I told him it was a phishing webpage but he could not believe me. He entered three (3) MTN N 1500 recharge PINs into the space provided and waited for the response.
There was no response.

Having waited for about 5 mins, I told him to load those recharge PINs on his phone which he did.
Guess what message he received;
"This card has already been used by another customer!!"
And that was how one of our customers lost N 4500 .


  1. Phishing web page is a kind of web page designed to delude visitors of what the real actual web page is. This kind of gimmick is being used by fraudsters to gather confidential info from victims and other internet users. Beware!
  2. Do not be moved by a promo that you are not dutifully involved in.
  3. Finally, do not entertain any message claiming that you have won anything you never participated or entitled to win.

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