Glo BlackBerry Complete: Details And Activation Codes

Just like other GSM service operators in Nigeria, Glo Nigeria also has special browsing plan for BlackBerry users; the Glo BlackBerry Internet Service, BIS.

And one of these Glo BIS service is Glo BlackBerry Complete.
Glo BlackBerry Complete is a special Glo BIS service plan that features quite a number of BlackBerry goodies.

What You Stand to Enjoy on Glo BlackBerry Complete

As a Glo BlackBerry Complete user, you stand to enjoy certain BlackBerry internet services and they are:

  1. BBM -Being a Glo BlackBerry Complete subscriber, you have access to Glo BlackBerry Messenger; an app built in with most BlackBerry smartphones. It connects and conducts almost all BlackBerry users in as much one has another's BBM PIN.
  2. BBMail - this is another interesting part of it. You create your own email with Glo sub-domain to receiving and sending email messages.
  3. BB In-Built Social Networking & IM Apps -these include the in-built GTalk, Yahoo Messanger, AOL, Facebook, MySpace amongst others.
  4. Internet Browsing -being a Glo BlackBerry Complete user, you can also browse the internet using the native BlackBerry browser.
  5. App World -this is a BlackBerry application store. You can download varieties of applications suitable for your brand or model within this store.

  • And lastly, you have an option to integrate one (1) email address with your BlackBerry.

  • How to Subscribe to Glo BlackBerry Complete
    BIS Package SMS Sub. Code Service Fee Service Span
    Glo BB Complete text "CoMonth" in
    an SMS to 777
    N1400 30 Days
    Glo BB Complete text "CoWeek" in
    an SMS to 777
    N400 7 Days
    Glo BB Complete text "CoDay" in
    an SMS to 777
    N100 1 Day

    As known, even though you are given an unlimited browsing plan for any BIS service you subscribe to, you are restricted to connect to the internet using the in-built apps on the BlackBerry.

    For instance; you can only browse using the BlackBerry in-built browser. If you should use Opera browser, you will be charged for that.
    To make your BIS Subscription work with all the application installed on your phone without any extra charges, Click Here.

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