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How to Easily Back Up And Restore your Contacts Across Nokia, Android And BlackBerry Phones

Contact Back Up
One of the greatest challenges one can face when switching phone is the contact restore problems, especially; when you are changing from one brand to another.

For instance: if you are changing from one Nokia model to another, it's easier to synchronize their contacts. But; if you are changing from Nokia to BlackBerry, that's where problems come in.

Within this article, you should learn a simple way of synchronizing your contacts between Nokia, Androids and BlackBerry phones.
Well, to do this, you need to have certain mobile phone applications installed on the phone and there are mobile phone applications out there that you can use to back-up and restore your contacts. NetQin mobile security (AntiVirus) is one of such.

NetQin mobile security is a multi-functional mobile phone antivirus with lots of utilities and functionalities.

How to Back-Up And Restore your Contacts Using NetQin Mobile Security

Using NetQin mobile security, you can either back-up your phone contacts on your external phone memory card or on the NetQin server (using internet connection) and later restore to any phone, either Nokia (Symbian), Android or Blackberry.
  1. Download and install NetQin mobile security appropriate for your device from OviStore (for Nokia), AppWorld (for BlackBerry) and GooglePlay (for Androids). If you already have the NetQin mobile security installed on your device, you do not need to download it again, just proceed to the step two (2) below.
  2. Locate the folder where the NetQin mobile security is installed on your phone and lunch it.
  3. Once lunched, click on the AntiLost option within the application and from the list, select "Contact Back-Up".
  4. To begin backing up your contact on either the NetQin server or the memory card, click on Back-Up.
  5. The next page gives you an option to either back up on the NetQin Server or, on your memory card. To back up on the NetQin server, you need to log in or sign up using your email address. To back up your contact on the memory card, just select the memory card and the back up begins instantly.
  6. If you do not have an external memory card on the phone, you may opt in to back up the NetQin server. Just enter your valid email and password to either login or create an account for the back up. If the sign up or login is successful, your contact backup begins instantly.
***Except that you are switching between the same brand, it is always advised to back up on the NetQin back up server to avoid corrupt memory card issues and data lost
Please note that the NetQin mobile security contact back-up and restore facility currently supports only Nokia (Symbian), Androids and BlackBerry phones.

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