How to: Etisalat GPRS, MMS Configuration Settings

etisalat GPRS SettingsAlthough, more often than not, Etisalat Nigeria sends the GPRS configuration settings appropriate for the phone on which any etisalat SIM is inserted once etisalat detects the kind of phone on which the SIM is inserted. But, just in case you have a phone that does not support the OTA (Over the Air) configuration settings that should be sent on the phone; below are the parameters with which to set up your phone for the Etisalat GPRS internet access.

Etisalat GPRS, MMS Configuration Settings
Box Title on Phone Data to be Entered
Connection Name or Title: Etisalat Internet. Or any text
Data Bearer: Here, select Packet Data or GPRS
Authentication: Here, select Normal
APN: etisalatinternet
User Name: etisalatinternet or web
Password: etisalatinternet
Home Page:
***Becareful to enter the text above in the appropriate box to make the configuration settings work with the phone as expected.

How to Request Etisalat Automatic Configuration Settings

Just in case you could not manually set up your phone for the etisalat GPRS configuration, you may request for the automatic configuration settings by sending "settings" in a text message to 790 and a response would be sent to you shortly.

Please note that the format of input given above is as per the format of input most Nokia phone requires. However, in any device that accesses the internet, the "APN", "User Name" and "password" is always required and that given above works with Etisalat Nigeria on any device.
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