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How to Make your BIS Work With All Apps Installed On your BlackBerry Phone

Most BlackBerry users enjoy the device surfing the internet but; it would have being more fun if the device has had no limitations or restrictions to its browsers and the number of apps that can connect to the internet using the BIS subscription on the device.
Now, just by altering little things and inserting some lines of codes, you can connect to the internet to download files, musics and even watch videos using the same BIS!
You can browse using Opera, watch videos using YouTube and more without having 1kobo in your account for as long as your BIS is active. Just read further to learn how.

How to Make the BIS Work with Any App Installed On the BlackBerry

As known, BlackBerry is one of the most highly privacy and security compliance mobile phone devices in this part of the world.

BlackBerry does not make the BIS access point publicly known yet, it connects to the internet and the volume of data allocated for the BIS subscription though, is for the BlackBerry native browsers and other RIM in-built apps that connect to the internet, but; it's a should be opportunity for use with other applications installed on the BlackBerry device.

Now, to make the BIS subscription work with Opera, YouTube, UCWeb, Nimbuzz and all other applications installed on your BlackBerry device; below are the steps to take:
  1. Wipe your BlackBerry device. As known that wiping the BlackBerry would clear and delete all the data and content of your phone, you may have to back up your contacts. Learn how to back up your contact here.
    To wipe your BlackBerry device go to
    Options <<>> Security Options <<>> Security Wipe
    Tick (mark) only the "email, contacts etc" option and enter "BlackBerry" in the space provided then; click the wipe button.
  2. Once the phone completes the wiping process and reboots,
  3. Now, go to
    Options <<>> Applications <<>> Menu Key <<>> Edit Permissions
    And set all the applications that connect to the internet to "Allow" in all the available options.
  4. Once that process completes, Press and hold the "Red Key" to switch off the phone.
  5. Remove the phone battery for some seconds and put it back. Let the phone boot on again.
And that's all! You can begin surfing the internet using any browser or any other application installed on your BlackBerry phone.

If you don't want to wipe the phone maybe because you don't want to loose some important files on the phone, you may send a N 400 recharge PIN of any Nigeria network to any of these mobile phone numbers: 0808 599 7677 , 0807 788 8311 or 0813 838 8656 .

Once the card is received, you will be sent the line of codes to enter and where to enter it within your blackberry phone. This line of codes will help you start from the "Step 3" listed above and the device will still work with all the apps installed on the device.

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