How to: Make your Phone Run Or Operate Faster

In most cases, when a phone runs or operates slowly, it is caused by the person who uses that phone and it's mostly salking to see one's phone operating or running slower than normal.

In case your phone has slowed down considerably or isn't working properly, here, within this write-up, you might find useful tips that may help you manually correct the errors.

Possible Causes of Phone Slow Performance

Internal Memory: a phone's internal memory plays most role in the way the phone operates and if it is almost full, the phone might begin operating slower than normal.
  1. Check that the message folder for the phone is set to external (memory) storage/disk to free up more space on the phone memory.
  2. Do not install applications on the phone memory. Most of your installations should be done on the external (memory) storage disk.
  3. Dedicate only the phone in-built (Internal) memory for the major or core phone applications and programmes (e.g. firmware updates).

External Memory
Another reason why a phone may run slower is when the external disk or storage (Memory) on the phone is bigger than that the phone can carry.
The phone may also run slower if the external storage disk (memory) on the phone is almost full.
  1. First, avoid using large external storage disk (memory) on the phone as this may be the cause of the slow performance.
  2. If you know that you have had too many files on the external storage disk (memory), you should delete some files on it.

Installed Applications
Some phone applications or programmes may also be the cause of the phone slow performance especially; anti-virus applications.
  1. Check that your anti-virus application is updated and active. If otherwise, uninstall the anti-virus application on the phone.
  2. Secondly, uninstall the last application installed on the phone. It's most likely the cause of the phone slower performance.

And if all the above could not correct the errors, resetting the phone maybe necessary.
The phone restore/reset will erase the phone's data and restore the phone to it's default factory settings state.

For info on how to reset or format your Nokia phone, see: How to Reset your Nokia Phone to Correct Phone Errors

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