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How to Manually Configure your LG Phone For GPRS Internet Access

Just in case the model of the LG Phone you use does not support the OTA (Over the Air) configuration settings and you have being having difficulties at configuring the phone to browse and access the internet. Within this tutorial, you should be able to learn and understand how to set up your LG phone to browse the internet.

LG Phone Configuration

To configure your LG phone for internet access, you only need to follow a simple step by step set up procedures.

To start with it;
1- Click on the menu button and navigate to the settings icon then, connectivity. From there, select Access Point. On the page that displays, you should see an option to create a new access point or, to edit an existing access point. Just tap the option button to display the available options.

Menu Connectivity Access Point Add New Access Point
Click on Add Access Point and set it up as follows:

MTN Configuration Settings for LG Phone
Box Title Data to be Entered
Title: Aryk MTN. Or any text
Bearer: Here, select GPRS
Authentication: Here, select Normal
***Becareful to enter the text above in the appropriate box to make the configuration settings work with the phone as expected.

Now, opt in to create an internet profile on the phone.

To do this;

1- Click on the menu and navigate to settings then, connectivity. From there, select internet profile. On the page that displays, you should see an option to create a new profile or, to edit an existing profile.

In whichever case, it's all the same thing.
Now, if you have selected the "Add New Profile" button, enter the name you wish for the profile.
For optimum performance, you should name the profile after the SIM for which you are making the configuration settings.
If you are configuring the phone to browse using MTN SIM, you should name the profile as "MTN Internet", "MTN Setting" or any other.
2- Secondly, under the title option when you are creating the Internet Profile, you will see "Access Point". Click on it and select the access point you have previously created using the data in the table above. Once done, save the settings and start browsing the internet!

Please note that it is the same procedure you should follow to configure a double SIM LG phone too.
Click here for specific manual and automatic GPRS configuration settings for Glo and Etisalat.

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