How to: What to Do if you are Barred from Recharging Airtime

Virtually all the Nigerian networks bar any of their subscribers that loads either, intentionally or mistakenly, an invalid recharge PIN. And once bared, you will not be able to load or recharge your airtime account untill the next 24hrs. So, what can you do to resolve the issue before this 24hrs period? Just read further ahead.

Why Would you Be Barred from Recharging Airtime on your Phone?

Well, this varies from one network to another. MTN bars lines that recharge using invalid PIN once the count reaches three (3).

Glo and Airtel bar lines that recharge with invalid PIN once the count reaches five (5) and as for Erisalat, I am uncertain of the number of times an invalid PIN is loaded before the particular that recharges the invalid PIN is barred however; it is certain that Etisalat also bars line that recharges with invalid PIN.

How to Unbar Barred Lines Before the 24hrs Period.

Usually, it takes 24hrs before any line that is barred from recharging airtime could be unbarred by the network and this could be irritating and disturbing especially; when you have important calls to make within this 24hrs period.

There is only one known way to unbar a barred line before the network does and that is through credit transfer -this is a tested method that works well with MTN.

Once your line is barred, you can easily ask someone else to transfer credit of any amount to your line using MTN Share And Sell and immediately afterwards, you can begin loading to your account directly using recharge cards and other means.

This same method works with Airtel and Etisalat though, you may not be able to start loading directly to your account immediately. As for Glo, as at the time of writing this article, Glo as no working means of doing credit transfer except via ATM and POS or online methods.

I hope you find a use for this article whenever you need the info.

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