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MTN Share "n" Sell: Transfer Airtime Between your MTN Lines

MTN Share n SellMTN Share "n" Sell is one of the MTN value added services that enables you transfer certain amount of money from your airtime balance to another MTN line.
For example;
"Supposing you have N1, 400 as airtime balance in one MTN SIM, you may decide to transfer N 400 onto the other MTN SIM"

How to Activate MTN Share "n" Sell Service on your MTN Line

All MTN SIMs are pre-activated and configured for the MTN Share "n" Sell service. But, you may not be able to make airtime transfers from your MTN line if you have not changed your MTN Share "n" Sell default PIN which is set to 0000 .

How to Change your MTN Share "n" Sell PIN

To change your MTN Share "n" Sell default PIN to any other PIN you desire, send " 0000 New PIN New PIN" in a text message to 777 .
"If you are to change your Share "n" Sell default PIN to 1234 send;
" 0000 1234 1234 "
in a text message to 777 .
The same method applies whenever you wish to change your MTN Share "n" Sell PIN again.

Also, you can use this USSD code to change your MTN Share "n" Sell PIN;
*601* default PIN*New PIN* New PIN#
Dial the USSD code above and click on the green/send key.

How to Make MTN Airtime Transfer Using Share "n" Sell

To make airtime transfer via MTN Share "n" Sell service, you can either do so using the USSD Code or by the SMS method.

Using the USSD Method

As for the USSD method, simply enter *600* ANY MTN NUMBER *AMOUNT * YOUR PIN# and press the green/send key.
*600*0803 XXXXXXX *500*1234# and press the green/send key.

Using the SMS Method

To make the airtime transfer using the SMS method, send an SMS using this format:

Transfer Recipient’s Number Amount PIN

and send to 777 .
Please note that you will have to send "Yes" in an SMS to 777 to confirm the Airtime transfer transaction if you are using the SMS method to transfer or share your airtime credit.

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