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How to Solve Internet Issues on Nokia JAVA Phones Like C3 And Others

If you are one of those that uses any of the Nokia JAVA phones that browses, like Nokia C3, Nokia 2700c, Nokia 5130 amongst others and have issues with your internet connections; this pages is specially for you.

Even though those phones have browsing facility, some of them browses using the in-built browser alone living some applications behind, especially; 2go.

Though, these phones support the automatic configuration settings, the OTA settings, yet most of the installed applications on them won't connect to the internet.

Why Does that Happen?

If you have experienced this kind of problem with any of these phones, you will notice that even if you have web settings on the phone, it won't still connect some applications to the internet. This is because you only have web settings and the APN (Access Point Name) which is what axtually connect you to the internet.

So, How Do I Solve the Problem?

It's simple to solve this kind of problem. You only need to manually add APN settings using the appropriate parameters and that's all. To manually add the settings on the phone go to:

Menu <<>> Settinngs <<>> Configuration <<>> Persional Configuration (*press menu) <<>> Add New Access Point

On the screen that displays next, create a name you can use to identify the access point you are about to create then; move to access point settings. From there; click "Bearer Settings".

On the page that displays next, fill in the fields using the correct Access point settings for the network you wish to configure for internet access.

See below for the correct APN settings for any of the networks you wish to configure:

Glo APN Settings 
MTN APN Settings 
Airtel APN Settings 
Etisalat APN Settings

Now, go back to the section three (3) below:

Menu <<>> Settinngs <<>> Configuration (*come here) <<>> Persional Configuration (*press menu) <<>> Add New Access Point

Then, from the configuration page, select any web settings then, scroll down to access point and select the access point you have created.
For example;
"If you haVE named the APN you created above as "My Glo APN". Select my "My Glo APN" as your access point."

And lastly, don't forget to click on "Activate for All Applications". Now, you can begin to surfing and connecting to the internet using any application on the phone.

And that's all.

Have any other question, opinion or comments to add? You can do so using the comment box below:

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