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How to Unlock/Unblock the New Glo Bolt Modem

Since the introduction of the new Glo Bolt modem, I have being receiving messages requesting for how to unlock the new Glo Bolt modem. Some have even brought their modems to me for the unlocking claiming that they have tried so much to unlock the new Glo Bolt modem.
Well, for now, I would not say it is not possible to unlock the new Glo Bolt modem nor would I say otherwise. This is because so far, we have being able to unlock just 2 of the new Glo Bolt modem that have been brought to Aryk Enterprise. You wonder why? I shall explain in detail, just read further on.

Reason Why it is Hard to Unlock the New Glo Bolt Modem

If you have ever unlocked any modem, you should know the steps to take before any modem could be unlocked and the first step is to insert a strange SIM in the modem so that the modem may request for the unlock code.

When the modem requests for the unlock code then, you can key in the unlock code which you may have gotten from an unlocker programme otherwise, it may not be possible for such modem to be unlocked.

As for the new Glo Bolt modem, you should notice that it does not request for the unlock code even if you have inserted a strange SIM i.e airtel, MTN or any other SIM besides Glo in it. Can someone tell me why? This is because the modem has been blocked.

Why is A Modem Blocked?

A modem is blocked if a wrong unlock code has been entered into the modem for up to ten (10) times during the unlock process. And if a modem is blocked, only the original SIM for which the modem is made would work with it.

In a nut shell, this means either Glo or Huawei has blocked the New Glo Bolt modem by entering the unlock code into the modem for up to ten (10) times or by using another method.

So, How Do I Unlock the New Glo Bolt Modem?

To unlock the new Glo Bolt modem, you need to first look for a modem unblocker programme that you can use to unblock or relock the new Glo Bolt modem after which you may look for a modem unlocker programme that you can use to unlock the modem -this is the same method we have used to unlock the two (2) of those new Glo Bolt modem that have gotten to us.

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