How to: Use your Glo BIS Subscription on your Systems without Any Software

Glo BIS CheatIf you are one of those that have being following Aryk Enterprise blog for about a year now, you must have being enjoying using the Glo Blackberry Subscription on your laptop or desktop computers using the freegate software -of course, you should remember that we discussed that about a year ago!
Now, it's even better! You can now use your Glo BIS subscription on your laptop or desktop computers without any software at all -just the simple manual configuration settings we discussed about a year ago is all that you need now.

If you still have your modem either an unlocked modem that accept Nokia or the Glo modem itself, input the BlackBerry access point manually on the system via the modem's GUI (Graphical User Interface).

What is the Glo BlackBerry Access Point
If you have forgotten how to configure the modem for internet access manually, visit this page: How to Manually Configure your Unlocked Huawei Modem.

Below is the settings to put:

Glo BIS Access Point Settings
Box Title on Modem Data to be Entered

Authentication: static
User Name: null (Don't put anything)
Password null (Don't put anything)

What Volume of Data Are You Given?
As usual, if you are an ardent Glo BIS subscriber, you should know that Glo gives about 3GB of data volume per BIS subscription. So, your usual 3GB data volume is the exact volume you would be given for use on your computer.

What is the Validity Period?
 Well, that depends on your download rate however, if you fail to exhaust the 3GB before one month period, the subscription will expire and you would have to re-subscribe to the BIS again for another month.

How to Subscribe to Glo BIS
To subscribe to the Glo BIS Complete plan which I believe favours you or us rather, send "CoMonth" in a text message to "777". It cost N1,400, so, make sure you have up to N1,400 in your account before you initiate the subscription.

If you want to subscribe to the Glo BIS, you should insert your Glo SIM in your BlackBerry phone or in a phone that does not browse at all. This is to ensure that Glo does not know the actual status of the Glo SIM you use so that they may not block your subscription.
In the next posts, we shall discuss how to use your Glo BIS subscription on ordinary phones like Nokia, Android, iPhone and others.
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