Phone or Modem, which One is the Best Browsing Client?

phone modemIf you have ever noticed or wonder how your subscription gets exhausted easily when browsing with your modems on your computers, you should be attentive and read this post further on.

As far back as I have started browsing the internet on my PCs, I have never used modem except when I'm carrying out some researches for the benefits of the Aryk Enterprise blog fans. That said, you wonder why? I just don't see browsing on my PC using modems as economical as should be, in fact, it is not economical.

This is not to dispute the fact that using modem to access the internet is not good rather, this is to provide you with a better alternative or even; alternatives.

You can put this to test as well, try connect to the internet using the same volume of data (MB) on both your phone and your modem.

Carrying Out the Test
1- Connect your PC to the internet using your modem and try to download a particular file, then, note down the volume of data consumed.

2- Now, connect your PC to the internet using the phone, either via Nokia PC Suit, PAN (Personal Area Network) or via JoikuSpot Access point. Then, try to download the same file you have downloaded using your modem above and note down the volume of data (MB) consumed.

3- Lastly, compare your results.

To your surprise, I would not need to disclose the difference because you would find out by yourself.

Worst still, NO! Better still, they have the same download rate! Please, try to verify this info and share your opinions and views using the comment box below this post.

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