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Aryk Is Three! See How We Say Thank You!

More often than not, any enterprises' growth is owned to the patronage; customers and fans. That said, Aryk Enterprise wishes to say thank you to our fans as the enterprise; your enterprise celebrates its 3rd year of existence on the 23rd of March, 2013.

"...Clocks may have clicked though time waits nobody,
Seconds may have passed while minutes go by,
Hours may have gone while each day waits by to go,
As every tomorrow becomes today,
And every today becomes yesterday;..."

How time flies! Though, as tiny as the enterprise still is, it is still as big as any enterprise you could think of in this world -this is because of the love and support we enjoy from our customers and fan as a whole. -that calls for celebration, doesn't it?

Seeking your Support Again!!!

As part of our efforts to saying thank you, we have cooked up another stuff to really say thank you to our fans but, yet again, we still need your contribution to make the stuff realy worthwhile for the love and support we enjoy from you guys.

What Have We Cooked Up?

You might want to know what Aryk Enterprise has being able to cook up for you, our fan. Yes. You need to know. We have compiled a book titled "Within Aryk".

This book discusses virtually, everything Aryk Enterprise blog discusses plus much more.

Below are the list of the issues the book addresses:

1- Bit tips about the Nigeria Communication Networks
2- Useful Browsing Cheats And Tips (For Mobile Phones, Tabs and Laptops)
3- Mobile Phone Applications And Details
4- Blackberry Cheats And Applications
5- Some Mobile Phone News (In-out)
6- Free offers from Aryk Enterprise and partners
7- Free Info Packages And More

So, How Do We Need your Support?

Of course, as always, Aryk Enterprise believes that we can't always do it all alone, so, we are seeking your assistance by letting us know what else you want us include in the Book.

To suggest for us what else you want us include or what we should include in the book, please use the Contact Us link here.

At What Cost is the Book?

The book would be distributed free of charge to all our fans and visitors from all accross the web.
Although, the hardcover, (Printed Copy) of the book would be sold at a considerate price (to be decided later).

Opportunity Within

If you are a blogger, webmaster, small scale business owner or, maybe you just have any idea, products, or services you wish to make known to the public, you can just make the best use of the opportunity within this book to advertise your product and or services.

Remember that this book would be distributed free of charge and that it's going to attract thousands if not millions of readers across the web!

To enroll for this opportunity, simply Contact Us here.

To make this effort worthwhile by helping us cover the widest areas to be discussed in the book, please share this page with your friends on facebook, twitter, +google and other social sharing sites using the bookmark buttons below. Thank you!

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