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Glo BIS Browsing Cheat: Hope for PC Users

Within the late evening hours of last week Sunday, 17th, of Feb, email messages began gushing into my inbox.
Most of these messages were inquiries about the Glo BIS that was working with other mobile devices like Nokia, iPad, Android phones amongst others. Our response to most of the message then was that the Glo 3G service may be poor in their areas as at that time -this was because I was actually using the same service via the same cheat that time and it was very fast.

 In fact, it was so fast that I downloaded complete videos from YouTube that same night. It was so fast until Monday evening then, I began realizing what Aryk Enterprise fans were saying and since then; we had started looking and searching for another loop-hole to regain access into the Glo BIS stuff.

Not until Thursday, the 24th of Feb, we were able to discover another leakage to gain back the access into the Glo BIS service. Although, this is by using a proxy server and port similar to the BIS stuff. Even then, as fast as it was initially, it didn't last for 24hrs before that was also shut down. Then, we concluded that it's too early to look for any leakage now because the entire Glo Company would be on the look-out now -the reason why the one we were able to find didn't last.

So, just watch-out. Sooner or later, we shall update you about another discovery we are able to discover but as for now, you can enjoy the Airtel BIS on any device too. It works well and fast, too. The only difference is that the volume of data slot is not as huge as that of Glo.

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