How to Restore Inactive 3G Service on Blackberry to Normal

bold9900Sometimes on some Blackberry smartphones, there use to be inactive 3G service. This is a situation whereby the 3G icon appears on your Blackberry smartphone but is not active and in this way, no communications within the applications that connect to the internet on the Blackberry smartphone such as Blackberry messenger, facebook, Blackberry email client, enterprise server and the rest would be possible.

How to Know When the 3G Service is Inactive

You should take note of the following points to determine if your 3G or EDGE service is active or not:
1- If the 3G service is active on the phone, most Blackberry smartphones capable of the 3G service display Blackberry logo (icon) just behind the (3G) icon that appears behind the service signal bars at an edge on the phone's screen.

2- Secondly, you should notice the flunctualtions of the arrows (both in and out arrows) just above the service signal bars. These arrows denote the communications between the connecting applications and their respectiver servers.

How to Restore the Active 3G Service

To restore the 3G Service back to normal go to:

Menu <<>> Options <<>> Advanced Options <<>> Host Routing Table
On the screen that appears next, press the Blackberry menu key, scroll to "Register Now" and click on it.

Shortly afterwards, a box appears bearing the message :"Registration Message Sent"
Press okay. If the general service for your service provider is available and okay, your 3G or EDGE Service should come back to normal immediately.


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