Nokia Asha 200, 202 SIM Card Problem -Resolved

To many that have used Nokia Asha 200 and 202, or even hose that are very familiar with the phone, it is no longer news that the phone commonly develop SIM card problem over time and to this problem, many find it difficult to tackle. Here, within this article we share a very simpler way to solve the problem.

nokia asha 200

Just in case you happen to have a Nokia Asha 200 or 202 that says "Start up phone without SIM ONE?" even though you have properly inserted the SIM one in the right slot of that phone -this is the kind of SIM card problem the phone commonly develops and it is what we discuss here.

Though, no technical reason or proves as to why or how the prooblem is being developed or solved could be given, the moment your Nokia Asha 200 or 202 begins asking you this question:

"Start up phone without SIM one"

Here is how to solve the problem

Simply replace your phone battery i.e switch off the phone, remove your battery, and insert another battery besides your own into the phone then; switch on the phone.

Pronto! Your phone is back and running well again!

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