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What To Do: If your Blackberry Smartphone Fails Reading SIM

Sometimes, some Blackberry smartphones may fail to boot on properly whenever a SIM card is inserted. Some could boot on but fail to read the SIM card inserted into the phone. The reason for this may not be stated however, we will discuss how to painlessly solve the problem risk free.

At least, it has occurred to three (3) different Blackberry smartphones and we have being able to rectify the problem using the method to be explained within this article. If you follow strictly what is explained here, you should be able to do the same.

What is Needed to Rectify the Problem

Before you can be able to rectify the problem, you should have the following stuff:

1- A computer running windows XP (SP3), windows 7 or vista
2- Blackberry Desktop Manager installed on your computer
3- The firmware update of that particular Blackberry smartphone

You can download your Blackberry Smartphone's Firmware here
You can download Blackberry Desktop Manager here

How to Rectify the Problem

If your Blackberry smartphone does not read SIM or fails to boot-on whenever a SIM is inserted, you need to take about three steps before the problem could be resolved, at least, this should be done if you don't want to miss out anything at all.

1- You need to do a complete back up of the file on your phone.
2- You need to re-install the original phone firmware on the phone.
3- And lastly, you should restore your backed up files back to the phone. Prompto! Your phone comes back to normal again!

Now, the good news is; you don't need to take all the steps above except the number two (2) step which helps you back up the phone, update the firmware and restore your backed up files.

However, before you could do any of the above, you need to install the firmware of the Blackberry smartphone you wish to correct its errors.

Correcting the Error

If you have Blackberry Desktop Manager and your Blackberry smartphone firmware update installed on your computer, completing the phone recovery proccess would be so simple for you so much that all you have to do would be:

1- Connect an appropriate USB Cable to your Blackberry smartphone
2- Switch of the phone by pressing and hold the red button
3- Remove the battery from the phone
4- Lunch Blackberry Desktop Manager
5- Re-insert the battery on the phone and immediately when the phone starts booting on, connect the cable to the computer
6- In few minutes, an error message appears giving you an option to either repair the phone on retry. Click "Repair". If you originally use a password for the phone, a box appears prompting you to enter your password. Enter the correct password and continue.
7- The programme searches for any firmware package available for your phone on the computer.

Immediately it detects any, the programme gives you recommendations on either to install the available update or not. Opt in to install the available update by clicking on the Update option.

At this stage, all you will have to do is to watch the programme complete the process. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DISCONNECT THE PHONE FROM THE COMPUTER UNTIL THE PROCESS IS COMPLETE.

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