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With MNP, You Can Switch Service Provider Using One Line

MNP Nigeria
Finally, comes March 26 this year, Nigeria adopts the use of the Mobile Number Portability method -a method that's being used in the telecommunication industry of most advanced countries of the world. This is a method that makes it easier for subscribers to switch between telecom service carriers seamlessly and easily having no fear for the lost of contacts or whatever.

Just like before, the Nigerian Communication Commission introduces another method of collaboration into the Nigeria Communication Industry. The Mobile Number Portability method which was strongly discussed earlier this month is said to begin later this month.

Don't Know What MNP is?

MNP, Mobile Number Portability method is introduced to enable a subscriber of any telecom service carrier switch from one telecom service provider to another whilest still retaining his or her SIM bearing the same phone number it was before.

For example:
A subscriber that uses MTN line with the phone number 0803 333 3333 can now switch to Glo service whilest still bearing the same mobile phone number which is: 0803 333 3333.

Using this method, no fear of loosing contacts or your contacts loosing you. You can always switch to telecom service provider whose service is readily available at your area or community even, if there is change of location.

If Need be, How Do I Change My Telecom Service Provider?

In case you need to change your telecom service provider, you will have to visit the receiving service provider, also called the recipient to make your request. To do this, you will have to visit one of their authorised dealer shops, Outlets. Point of Sales or customer Care Centres.

For example:
If you wish to change from MTN to Glo. in this regard, Glo is the recipient therefore; you will have to visit any of the Gloworlds, Glo Zones, Point of Sales, or Dealer Shops to request for MNP.

Before you can do this, you must have a valid form of identity such as your ID cRADS, with a visible photograph. Also note that the line to be switched must have being registered by you, the line must be active and that you must know the line's serial number.

Having filled the MNP form which will be given to you at that point, you will be issued a new SIM Card bearing your original mobile phone number and the SIM would be registered at that point in time. You should be informed to send "PORT" in a text message to 3232.

Once you send the message to 3232, the recipient service provider would forward your request to NPC where validation is being done.

All things being equal, the SIM will be activated and you will be informed of the changes. Please note that once activated, any airtime left on your previous SIM will be wiped off and calls you make hence forth would be billed as per the default tariff plan of your new service provider.

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