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How to Configure your Android Phone for Browsing With or Without Subscription

More often than not, you do not need to configure your Android OS phones before you can begin surfing the internet once any OTA supported network's SIM card is inserted on the phone. But in some cases, you may have to correct or do some modifications in the preconfigured settings the phone brings.

Within this article, you will learn how to configure any Android OS phones for internet access with or without data bundles or subscriptions.
Android Settings

How to Configure Android Phones for Internet Access with Airtel, Etisalat, Glo or MTN

Most likely, you do not need to modify your configuration settings if you insert any of Airtel, Etisalat, or MTN into any Android phones because they all support the OTA settings and they use the same access point for both prepaid and post paid subscribers.

In the case of Glo, you most likely need to modify your configuration settings though, glo supports OTA configuration settings as well, but Glo does not use the same Access Point for both prepaid and post subscribers therefore; base on your choice, you may have to either add or modify your settings if you wish to use your Glo line on any Android phones.

Configuration Settings for Each of the Network on Android Phones

From the Android OS phone,
Press the Menu Button «» Settings «» Wireless & Networks «» Mobile Networks «» Access Point Names
Then, press menu or option to add new APN and fill in the text field as appropriate and as given below for each network.

For Glo (PostPaid APN Settings):
APN: gloflat
Username: flat
Password: flat
***Please note that the settings above is meant for Glo PostPaid subscribers ONLY. If you have credit balance on your line and do not subscribe to a data bundle, you won't be able to browse using the settings above with your glo line.

For Glo (PrePaid or Pay-As-You-Browse Settings)
APN: glosecure
Username: web or gprs
Password: gprs

Username: web
Password: gprs

For Airtel
Username: airtelinternet or web
Password: airtelinternet

For Etisalat
APN: etisalat
Username: web
Password: etisalatinternet

Having filled up the appropriate box as needed, then, press save.
Now, you can begin surfing the internet with or without any subscription on your Android phone.

If you have any Questions to ask or comments to make, please, do so by using the comment box below.

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