How to Use MB Browse on Your Blackberry Phone Without Subscription

Many times over, lots of our fans have asked if it is posible to browse on their Blackberry phones without subscription. Guess what the answer is? Yes. You can browse on your Blackberry device without subscription, you only need to modify the settings as explained within this article.

Less I forget, you maynot be able to download, or ping on the Blackberry device without subscription except that you have opera browser or UCWeb browser installed on the phone.
Blackberry Web Settimhs

How to Modify the Settings

To modify the settings on your Blackberry phone, go to:
Press the "Menu key" and from there, go to "option" then, "Advanced Option". From here, navigate to "TCP/IP" settings. Then, Tick/Mark the "Enable APN Settings" option and fill in the settings as follows:

For Glo:
APN: gloflat
Username: flat
Password: flat

Username: web
Password: gprs

For Airtel
Username: airtelinternet or web
Password: airtelinternet

For Etisalat
APN: etisalat
Username: web
Password: etisalatinternet

Having filled up the appropriate box as needed, then, press save.
Now, you can begin surfing the internet without any subscription on your Blackberry phone.

If you have any questions to ask or comments to make, please do so using the comment box below.

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