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Rooted Android Device: Advantages And Disadvantages

At one time or another you might be presented with a challenge that prompts you to root your Android device especially when you download and install an application on your Android device and that requires a root access to function properly on your Android phone.
Basically, most Android phone users wish to know the "Whys And Why Nots" they should root their Android devices.

Within this article, you will learn the basic reasons why or why not, you should root your Android device.
reasons to root Android

What is Android Root Access "Rooting"?

Android Root Access simply means the process of allowing users running Android OS on their smartphones, tablets and other devices to gain certain “superuser” rights and permissions thus; “The Root Access” within Android’s subsystem.

In short, rooting means getting to the ‘root’ of the Android operating system, given you the full privilege to make global changes within your Android device.

Advantages of Rooting Your Android Device

Of course, there must be a reason or perhaps, reasons why you should root your Android device which are generally regarded as the advantages you gain from rooting your Android device.

Rooted Android device have numerous benefits over the unrooted ones and some of the benefits are listed below:

1. Ability to run Special Applications: the number one reason why most people would want to root their Android device is the ability to run special applications unrooted ones cannot run.
2. More Powerful Custom Themes: Themes are the graphics that appear on your device. A rooted device will give the user the privilege to fully customize every graphic on the device. Of course, custom themes can also be loaded on the device if so needed.
3. Tethering Ability: though, this may not be an important advantage, it is also a count. If you root your Android device, you will be able to tether a computer to your Android device, even if it has been disabled by default.
Tethering is a technology that makes it possible for you to use your phone’s 3G service to connect your computer to the internet once the computer is connected to the phone.
4. Ability to Disable Ads: on a rooted Android device, you can completely block advertisements being served on the device.
5. Better Performance And Usability: with a rooted Android device, you can improve your device performance and extend its battery life with the use of some custom ROMs and Apps available for use on rooted Android devices.

Disadvantages of Rooting

As is common with everything in existence, if there are "DOs" there should also be "DON'Ts".
Below are the three main disadvantages of rooting your Android devices:

1. Security Risks: rooting your Android devices may expose your device to some security risks, since rooting may create security vulnerability.
2. Bricking your phone: One can but expect nothing but threats when he tampers too much with his phone. And a "bricked" phone is no better than dead phone.
3. Warranty: Rooting your Android device will definitely void your warranty as some carriers and hardware manufacturers warn against rooting your Android device.

Although, you can easily escape this risk by simply unrooting your rooted Android device if the need be. To unroot the rooted device, you only need to flash the original backup ROM made when rooting the device and that's all.
Briefing Note
Rooted Android device poses no threat and difficulties to cautious mobile phone users as they are usually careful while using their phone. In essence, if you are cautious using your phone, rooting your Android device is best for you.
And in the other way round, to some people, the benefits of rooting just don't worth the time and efforts.
Whichever ways, the choice is yours!

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