Glo HSI Router: How to And Detailed Info

Following the day by day advancements in the IT World, new gadgets and devices are being introduced to further enhancing our lives and experiences of the InfoTech. And so comes the HSI Reuters!

The Glo HSI Router enables you to share your Glo High Speed Internet access with more than one laptop/PC. Or, to be particular, the Glo HSI Reuter enables you share your internet access between up to 100 laptops and internet enabled devices.

Unlike any modem, multiple users can share a single internet subscription using a single Glo HSI ROUTER with an incredibly fast speed simultenuosly.
Glo Router

Plan Name Servive Rental (N) Data Cap Validity Period SMS ActivationUSSD
Silver10,00013GB30 days15*127*11#
Gold15,00020GB30 days16*127*12#
Platinum18,00030GB30 days17*127*13#

To subscribe to any of the plans above, you may either use the USSD Code i.e dial; *127*12# on your phone's dial pad for the Gold Plan at a cost of N15,000. Or, send "16" in an SMS to 127 to subcribe to the same Gold Plan at the same cost.

To buy plans, you may also visit using your handset or the BOLT modem.

Cost of the Glo HSI Reuter

The Glo HSI ROUTER costs N30,000 and it comes with a 1 month of free rental (of N15,000* *)

The Glo HSI Requirements For Optimum Usability

To enjoy the best value and satisfaction from using the Glo HSI reuter, you are required to have the items listed below:

1-Glo SIM: An active Glo SIM card is required to connect the Router to the Glo High Speed Internet network.
2-Connecting Devices: A desktop or laptop PC with Ethernet or Wi- Fi capability preearably, with the specs below:

i: Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 and or Mac OS
ii: Screen Resolution: minimum of 800 x 600 pixel. But, preferably, 1024 X 768 pixel
iii: Internet Browser (minimum): Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox 1.5, Safari 3.0

Activating the Glo HSI Reuter

Following the successful installation of the Glo HSI Reuter on your computer, by clicking on Self Care tab on the Glo HSI Reuter UI, you would be presented with access to predefined USSD functions from within which you can recharge your account, monitor usage, check your data and account balance amongst others.

Preferably, you can just remove your Glo SIM Card from the reuter, insert it onto another phone, ensure that you have enough credit balance to purchase your desired Glo HSI Reuter plan, and susbcribe by dialing the USSD Code for your desired Glo Reuter's HSI Plan as in the table above.


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