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How to Correct Different Phoenix Service Software Error Messages

In one of our earlier posts on Aryk Enterprise, we discussed how to flash, update or correct errors on your Nokia phones using Phoenix Service Software.

In this article, we will discuss how to correct the error message "Error Retrieving Data Package ....." Phoenix Service Software brings sometimes when you are flashing or updating your Nokia phone using the software.

Correcting "Error Retrieving Data Package..." Message of Phoenix Service Software

If you are familier with phoenix service software and you know how to use the software to flash or update your Nokia phone, you should know that you need to download the flash files for the particular phone you wish to flash or update from Nokia FiRe (File Repository) server first.

Once downloaded, depending on your Windows OS thus; 7, XP3 or 2, you have to save your downloaded flash files under a folder named after the RM of the phone you intend to flash. E.g if you intend to flash Nokia 5130 express music, the flash file you download should be under this folder:
C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix \Products\RM-495 -if you are using Windows XP2 or 3 .

Commonly, there are six major files required to complete the flashing or the upgrading operation of the phone say, 5130 express music. And those files are:

Now, when a flashing operation is initiated, phoenix tries to check the folder ( C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix \Products\RM-495 -if you are using Windows XP2 or 3). for the files above and if any of them could not be read, that's when phoenix brings the error message "Error Retrieving Data Package..." or "Currently Selected Data Package Retrieving Failed..."

To correct this kind of problem, simply navigate to the folder say; ( C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix \Products\RM-495 -if you are using Windows XP2 or 3 . ) for Nokia 5130 express music, and make sure that all the files above are present and that their names start with rm495.... as in the image below:

Nokia Flash Files Disorder


The simplest way to correct any of these error messages is to study the warning message that phoenix displays and go straight to the RM folder of the phone you are flashing to correct the flash files' order and names.

E.g if phoenix displays the error message as in the image below:

phoenix data package error
Just go to the folder, locate the files and rename them as phoenix displays it or edit them as the error message warns.
By renaming the flash files, remove all the digits that come before the "RM495..." if any, as in the red ink in the image below

Goodluck and ENJOY!

In case you have any questions, comments or opinions to share, please, use the comment box below this page.

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