How to Use your Blackberry Phone As A Modem Using Blackberry Desktop Manager

Recently, we have discussed how to connect your PC (Laptop or Desktop) computers to the internet via Nokia PC Suit using any of your compatible Nokia phones. Here, we will be discussing how to connect your computer (Laptop or Desktop) to the internet using your Blackberry smartphone via Blackberry Desktop Manager.

And best of all, you will be using your BIS subscription to browse on your computer unless otherwise, you decide to browse using your data bundle or that, your network provider is not supported; not featured in the preloaded settings of the Blackberry Desktop Manager.
Even so, as most Nigeria networks are yet to be included in the Blackberry Desktop Manager preloaded settings, you will be provided with Blackberry BIS settings for the major Nigeria network providers.

Setting Up Blackberry Desktop Manager As Modem Client

Before you could be able to use your Blackberry smartphone as a modem, you need to have Blackberry Desktop Mnager installed on your PC (Laptop or Desktop) so that it may serve as a client that connects your Blackberry smartphone to your PC and your PC to the internet.

To download Blackberry Desktop Manager Click: Blackberry Desktop Manager 7.1 Download Link: 4Share Link
Please note that you have to sign up with 4Share or Login (if you already have an account with 4Share) to make the download easier

Requirments for the Connection (For Phone And PC)

Before the connection between your Blackberry smartphone and your PC could be possible, you need to have the following materials ready:

1- Your computer must be running on at least, windows XP SP3 and above i.e XP Service Pack 3, vista, 7 or 8.
2- You must have a working and compatible USB Cable for your Blackberry smartphone.
3- To maximise your browsing potential, you need to subscribe for a BIS plan with your service provider.

Setting Up your Blackberry Smartphone As A Modem

To set up your Blackberry smartphone as a modem and connect your computer to the internet using your phone, you will first;
1- Lunch the Blackberry Desktop Manager (if you have installed it on your computer) by double clicking on its icon.
2- Plug-in a USB Cable that is compatible with your Blackberry smartphone to your computer and then; the other end of the USB cable to your Blackberry smartphone.
3- Wait some minutes for the Blackberry Desktop Manager to detect and recognise your Blackberry smartphone. Once ready, brief info about your Blackberry device would be displayed on the screen as in the image below
4- Click the "Mobile Internet" tab as in the image below.

Blackberry Internet

5- If it's your first time of using the Blackberry Internet, on the screen that displays next, click "Configure Connection"
6- Click on the drop-down list that appears next, to check for your network provider and if not found, click on "Add" as in the image below:

Blackberry APN Settings
7- Fill-in the empty spaces appropriately (the APN, Username and Password) of your network provider then; Click "OK".

8- Finally, Click "Save" then; "OK" to save the settings and connect to the internet.
9- A pop box that say "Additional Charges May Apply" may appear. Just ignore the message and click "Connect" as in the image below:

Blackberry Desktop Connect
Now, you can begin surfing the internet using your BIS subscription on your PC. Enjoy!
In case you have any questions to ask, comments to make or opinions to share, you can use the comment box below.

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