How to Correct Android Phones' Contacts Display Problems

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In case your Android phone experiences difficulties in displaying your contacts or it suddenly shot close when you try to access certain aspect of your contacts, here are some suggestions that may help you resolve the issues having no need to flash the phone.
Yes. It does happen sometimes that you won't be able to access your Android phone's contact or certain aspect of the contact instead, it displays some error messages like; "Fail to display contacts", "Contact not responding" and so and so forth.

Resolving Contact Display Problem on Android Phones

Well, depending on how the problem came about, you can rectify the problem by doing either of the followings:

1- The first possible reason why you may have had problem displaying the contact of your Android phone is that, you may have modified the settings of the phone unknowingly within the "Contact Display Options" area.
To correct this contact display error of your Android phone, navigate to your contact, press menu then; display options.
Home Button (Menu) <<>> Contact <<>> Menu <<>> Display Options
From here, select all the fields from which you want your contacts displayed.

2- Another issue that may have given cause to the contact display problem of your Android phone are the applications installed on the phone. Some of the applications installed on the phone may have modified the settings of the phone.
To correct this kind of problem, simply observe the applications you installed on the phone just before the problem begins. Uninstall them and restart your phone.

3- Well, having done the foregoing two options and yet; the problem persists, your last option is to reset the phone.
To reset your Android phone to factory defaults, simply navigate to;

Menu <<>> Settings <<>> Privacy <<>> Reset Factory
You would be prompted to enter your access code, password, PIN or Security pattern depending on the privacy measure you use on the phone. Once you have passed the security test, the reset process begins immediately.
 To reset your Android phone even if you have forgotten your password, PIN, Security codes or pattern drawings, you may click here.
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