How to Make MTN Magic SIM for Free Unlimited Browsing


Quiet for sometimes now, most Aryk Enterprise fans have being curious to know of a way they can browse the internet free. Though, we have being providing cheap free internet access for different networks, but, none is as cheap as this! For as little as N250, you can get unlimited browsing for months!
You only need to take your time and follow the step by step guides given within this page.

If you follow the guides duely, you will make your SIM an MTN Magic SIM and with it, you can browse the internet free for months.

How to Make your MTN SIM An MTN Magic SIM

Step 1:- To make this work out well, you need to use a new and registered MTN SIM or an MTN SIM you don't use frequently. The SIM must be on MTN Pulse Plan
Dial *406# to migrate to MTN Pulse plan if you are not on it.

Step 2:- Load N250 on the MTN SIM and send " 2h " in an SMS to 131.

Step 3:- Check your balance, you will notice that the N250 has been deducted from your account and a message should be sent to you.

Step 4:- Now, note the time down. Browse for exactly 2 hours using the normal MTN Access Point.

Step 5:- Remove the SIM from the phone for the next 24hrs (24 hours). Once the 24hrs is complete, insert the SIM in any phone, iPad, iPhone, Android device, Symbian phone or even; your modem and start browsing the internet free!

This method has been tested working on several MTN SIMs. Enjoy your portion of this freebies!

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