How to Root your Android Device Without Any PC or Softwares

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Sometimes ago, we discussed the detailed info on how to root your Android Phone using SRSRoot, give clues on WHY or WHY NOT should you root your Android phone and many more.

Now, we would be discussing how to root your Android device having no need to connect the Android phone to your PC; Laptop or Desktop -all you need is to make certain modifications on the Android phone.

How to Permanently Root your Android Device

Just in case you don't know, rooting your Android device is like unlocking certain security locks put on it by default. You know, just like using a Gues Account on Windows PC, an unrooted Android device is like that.

To root your Android phone, just follow the step by step guides given within this article.
Step 1:- Download this file; on to your Android phone from this download link. (The download should be made on your SDCard)

Step 2:- Now, using AndroZIP or any other ZIP FILE extractor, extract the file you may have downloaded from the above link into a folder on your Android phone's SDCard. If you don't have AndroZIP installed on your phone, make a search for it from the Play Store (Android Marke, Google Play or simply; Play) and download it onto your phone.

Step 3:- Now, lunch Xplore, if you already have it installed on your phone otherwise, download it. From within Xplore, navigate to the folder wherein you have extracted the ZIP File you may have downloaded above, open it and locate the folder named; "System" then, another folder named "App". Within this folder, you will see a file named: "Superuser.apk".

Step 4:- Click on the file and install it on your phone.
Step 5:- Reboot your phone by shotting down the phone. By the time you restart the phone, the phone is rooted! That simple!

Please note that your Antivirus may flag the superuser.apk file as virus. Disregard that and install the file on the phone.

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