How to Permanently Unlock Your Glo Bolt Modem

Glo Bolt Unlock
Lots of messages have being received in my mailbox regarding the question of how to unlock the Nrw Glo Bolt modem, though, many attempts have being made by so many, and many have failed in the attempt but; there seems to be only one way to unlock the modem permanently and that's what this page discusses.

Unlocking the New Glo Bolt Modem

If personally, you have attempted to unlock the New Glo Bolt Modem before, you should notice that most modem unlocker programs could not detect the New Glo Bolt modem as being a modem. And some that detects it could not unlock it because they read that the modem has reached it unlock limits which ten (10).

Although, some people say they unlock the Glo Bolt Modem using the DC Crap by purchasing DC credit of about N1500 -this, I cannot testify because, personally, I have done that and didn't work for me. That's why I am sharing with you the method that worked for me.

Now, to unlock the New Glo Bolt Modem, you have to debrand it, then; unlock -that's two proceses or steps.

Debranding the New Glo Bolt Modem

This process involves either, the down-grading of the New Glo Bolt Modem or up-grading of the modem -you simply have to replace the firmware that comes with the modem with another unbranded firmware.

This process would debrand the modem, reset its unlock counter and also, depending on the firmware you use, either upgrade or downgrade the modem.

Unlocking Process

Having debranded the Glo Bolt Modem, you can now unlock it by following the usual unlocking steps thus;
1- Insert an invalid SIM into the modem.
2- Attach the modem to your PC, let the modem client run then, close it.
3- Open your unlocker program, scan for the attached modem.
4- Onnce the unlocker finds the modem, click unlock and pronto! Your New Glo Bolt Modem is unlocked!


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