Android Users: How to Back Up your Android Phone Apps Using Androzip

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Just in case you ever need to format, upgrade, or debrand your Android device; tablet or phone, you would definitely need to back up some, or all of your installed applications -at least, that would save you some stress and the risk of loosing certain applications you love so much and that you might miss during the upgrade, debrand or formating process.

And here, within this article, you will learn how to back up both the installed and the in-built applications that came with your android device; phone or tablet for easier re-installation after the upgrade, debrand or formatting process.

How to Back Up your Android Phone Using AndroZIP

One of the best Apps good for backing up applications on Android devices is AndroZIP.
Although, basically, AndroZIP is known to be a ZIP extractor for Android OS devices, it has a very good utility built-in capable of locating and backing up all the .apk files (Android Package File) installed on your Android devices into a folder named "app_backup" within your SD Card (Media Card) folders.

Backing Up Your Applications (Both Installed And In-built)

1- You need to install AndroZIP application on your Android OS phone or tablet. Download a copy of the AndroZIP application from this link or from Google Play Store here.

2- Once the installation of the AndroZIP application is successfully completed on your device, lunch the program by clicking on the AndroZIP icon on your device.

3- Once the application is lunched, on the application's tab, locate "Apps" as in the image below and click on it.
Andro ZIP Backup Apps
4- Wait few minutes for the application to display the list of all the applications installed on your device, then, select the applications you wish to back up by checking or marking the squar box before each application on the list or by selecting the "Check All" box on the top left-hand corner.

5- Lastly, select the "Backup" button on the top right-hand corner.
Almost immidiately, the backup process begins and completes in at most, five minutes depending the number of applications installed on your device and the speed of the device.


1- Please note that the backup is done by default on your media card (External Memory Space) therefore, you need to have a working media card with enough memory space mounted on your device before the backup begins.

2- To locate the backed-up .apk files, if your device has an in-built file manager, go to the file manager and browse to locate the "app_backup" folder on your device. Within this folder is saved all the .apk files for easier re-installation. You can also use an installed file manager like X-plorE, ESexplore amongst others.

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