Get 3GB of Free Data from Glo And Browse Like Never

This is not a cheat. You can actually get 3GB of data valid for one complete month free of charge from Glo and browse the internet on any device and at anytime of the day just by following simple techniques as is explained below.

Recently, Globacome Nigeria introduced a new tariff plan called Glo Bounce. The New Glo Bounce tariff plan offers numerous free goodies and discounts and with these, comes the free 3GB/month.

Wondering how it works? It's simple. I migrated to the Glo Bounce package when the Bounce package was first introduced. I migrated because of the low and cheap call costs. So, not minding the data bonuses, I kept on recharging my account as usual.

Eventually, on the fourth day (4th day) I migrated, I checked my promo balance and saw 253MB data balance. At first, I could not believe my sight, then I recalled I had made some downloads for which I was not charged/billed.

How to Get 3GB Free From Glo- Simple Logic

1- First, if you have a Glo line, Migrate the Glo Bounce Package by dialing *170*4#

2- Try to recharge your account with at least, N200 daily. -for every recharge of N200 on the Glo Bounce Package, you are given 30mb of data valid for 7 days.

3- Check your promo account balance by dialing #122#


The minimum recharge denomination rewardable for the bonuses is N200 therefore, recharging your account with multiples of N100 recharge cards does not qualify you for the bonus.
The recharge denominations that qualify you for the bonuses start from N200 and above.

For the detailed info abount the Glo Bounce Package, click here.

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