Glo BIS Is Now N1,000 Per Month


I am sure many Glo susbcribers are so curious to hear this great news! Glo BIS Complete subscription is now N1,000 ONLY!

Following the jaw-dropping promo started by Airtel then, etisalat before MTN joins the league Glo Mobile Nigeria is now part of the show as our indigenous mobile company also cuts the Glo BIS subscription to N1,000 as well.

Meaning, with as little as N1,000, you can now enjoy the same Blackberry Complete Service from Glo for a complete period of one month! Ain't that good!?

How to Subscribe to the GLO BIS For N1,000

To subscribe to the Glo BIS complete for one month and at just N1,000, simply send BBCMONTH in a text message to 777 or dial *777*21#.

If you have up to N1,000 in your credit balance, you should receive a confirmation message that your subscription to the Glo Blackberry Complete is successful.

Just do hard reset of your Blackberry device and begin to enjoying the super-fast Glo Blackberry Service!

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